April’s care

Finally in April the spring fully blossoms. Now it is worthwhile to also bring indoor bonsai outside in a sunny place, which will enjoy a very low exposure to the sun for 2 or 3 hours, every time they are watered.


You need to take into account any rain and pay attention to a few warm days prolonged period, which could cause bonsai soil to dry quickly. The best time of the day for watering is always the one in which the hours are warmer.


Many of the bonsai will need good pruning and pinching of the shoots. If you pinch the last leaflet of a bud with your fingers, you will get a fine branching and stop the growth; every time you can sprout with 4 or 5 leaves leaving only two, you will get the branching of the tree and the enlargement of the trunk. In Pines, if you break the weaker candles with your fingers in half and totally eliminate the stronger ones, in two weeks you will have new shoots. Attention to the winding of the wire made the previous autumn: if you are not careful it could affect the bark.


Fertilization must follow a careful program including both organic and chemical fertilizers, without causing imbalance of substances in the plant. The fertilization program can also begin for fruit trees if the flowering is over. Remember that it is better to fertilize little and frequently rather than much and very rarely.


The antiparasitic prevention plan is intensified due to the appearance of various types of insects: scale insects, aphids, spider mites, white fly etc. The use of acaricidal insecticides is recommended.


You can begin to lay the leaves on plants that have already intensely vegetated. Check the Pine candles; pay attention to Mountain Pine that does not tolerate constantly moist soil and that in this period loses many yellowed needles.