Setting up a Moyogi style Bonsai

The informal Moyogi or upright Bonsai style is one of the most classic styles of bonsai cultivation and has some simple rules:
  • first of all we start with the removal of the central tap root
  • therefore, the development of lateral and superficial roots should be favored, which should be arranged radially at the base of the trunk
  • the base of the trunk must be well developed (it is important to obtain a good taper of the trunk)
  • the trunk rises towards the other with a certain sinuosity: the branches must develop from the outside of the curves of the trunk itself
  • the first branch must be placed laterally at the bottom and is the most important one
  • the second branch must be arranged higher than the first and on the opposite side
  • a deep branch should be directed towards the rear side of the plant, between the first and second branches, slightly off-center towards one side so that it can be glimpsed from the front of the plant
  • the other branches (third, fourth, etc., etc.) are gradually smaller as you go up the trunk and follow the pattern of the underlying branches
  • no main branches should be facing the viewer (front of the plant)
  • so up to the apex, full of small branches, which ideally bows towards the observer