July’s care

In the month of July attention must be paid to the heat, humidity and hot winds that can cause a lot of damage. Especially to those who start their own bonsai path it is advisable to consider only native species, to avoid considerable difficulty in settling and maintaining.
The most delicate species should be sheltered using the microsystem method (described in June) while the more resistant ones that like the sun can be left in direct sunlight.


Watering is the most important cure for both the month of July and the following month of August; it must be done carefully and repeated every time the surface dries, without, however, making the mistake of soaking the plants. In this regard, good drainage of the substrate is vital.


It is strictly forbidden to transplant, wrap conifers with the wire and carry out strong pruning. Nevertheless some particular essences can be defoliated such as Ficus, Pomegranates and Olive trees (never Wild olive trees) having the foresight to keep the plant in shadow in the following period. Growth will now be very slow, so large prunings should not be necessary.


We will change the fertilizer with a low nitrogen content, thus preparing the trees for autumn. In this period, usually, the fertilizations are suspended except for the few plants that do not go into vegetative stasis.


Following the pesticide program we repeat the validity, even for the current month, of the advice given in June.