June’s care

With the month of June we finally enter into the Summer. Care must be taken to bonsai and their molds, which must not dry too much. To make the plants sprout the best we can make a rotation of the plant itself, so as to make it take the maximum amount of light from all sides.


The watering increases in frequency, being always attentive to water stagnations that bring unwelcome inconveniences. In Summer it is very important to maintain a good level of humidity. A good idea is to create a microsystem by placing under the plant, but separated from the drainage holes of the pot through gravel or expanded clay, a pan with water: in this way the evaporation will keep the necessary humidity. Don’t water under the scorching sun, but wait for the cool of the evening.


It is the ideal time to suck up some plants that you want to restart in an upside-down broom style. The works to be performed on bonsai concentrate on pruning (only some species), spinning new growth horizontally and defoliation; defoliation can also be carried out completely, as the vegetative phase in full action will cause new shoots to appear on the entire plant in just a few days.
Defoliation is not a superficial operation, but must be performed only for specimens rooted in the previous year and for plants prepared for this operation with suitable fertilizations. The defoliated trees will be carefully placed away from direct sunlight, without fertilizing them and we will water them at longer intervals since the water consumption is lower. It’s time to put the thread on the broadleaf trees after having tested their flexibility. If pruned and two buds, the Wisteria could flourish again in August.


You can proceed as in the previous month, remembering that in the next 2 months they will generally be suspended.


Pesticide interventions will be concentrated on insects that will appear, such as the white fly and the red spider. To eliminate these unwanted guests we will apply specific insecticides on both pages of the leaf. Furthermore, a new application of systemic fungicide should be given as heat and humidity promote the appearance of fungi.


Treat the jin with a suitable liquid on a sunny day. Willows, Wisterias, Taxodium can be kept partially immersed in a basin with water in order to avoid a dry stroke. Attention: trim with a waning or new moon will lead to an explosive expulsion that will begin a couple of days before the next full moon.