May’s care

May is the ideal period for both outdoor and indoor bonsai. Above all, the latter will benefit greatly from exposure to sunlight outside for a few hours. In May there are usually the first days of real heat and this could cause the soil to dry out, so it will be convenient to place the most delicate species such as Maples and Beeches in half-shade.


It changes again the frequency and time of watering, which will now carried out in the afternoon, to prevent the sun from overheating the water causing evaporation and therefore the plant’s lack of liquid storage. We will also have to make sure that the water drains through the drainage holes, checking that they are not obstructed by roots and earth.


It is necessary to proceed with the stapling and pruning due to the rapid growth of the shoots; if the secondary branching is over you have to pinch with your fingers, if it is not, instead, you need to let 5 leaves grow around and then cut to the first two. Pinch Junipers, Cypresses and Chamaecyparis. Shorten the new twigs of the Beech trees to 1–2 leaves as soon as they reach 5-7 in length.


Fertilization is a very important aspect of the May activities, provided you pay attention to the doses. Do not fertilize the fruit trees until the fruit will fall, otherwise you risk seriously damaging the plant.


Phytosanitary treatments proceed with the administration of insecticide, acaricide and fungicide, at intervals of about fifteen days.


After Azaleas flowering, remove the flowers with the whole ovary and select the new hunts to have a good flowering also the following year.