October’s care

With the month of October we enter the height of autumn. The temperature and the hours of sunshine are very similar to those of spring and also the treatments will therefore be similar to those of spring. Towards the end of the month it will be advisable to repair the bonsai during the cold nights and also to protect the most delicate indoor and outdoor plants. Attention must also be paid to possible hot days.


The watering will be progressively decreased as winter approaches for outdoor plants, while it will still be necessary to provide humidity to the houseplants which will be affected by the drier home air due to heating. It will therefore be necessary to spray leaves, trunk and branches daily to avoid dehydration or place a saucer under the plant filled with expanded clay or gravel moistened with water.


It is possible to proceed with winter pruning, as long as pasta is used to heal cuts. Bindings can also be made.
Since fruit trees such as Blackthorns, Cherry trees and Apricot trees suffer the pruning performed in the cold period, it is better to work immediately after the flowering or the ripening of the fruits.


As far as fertilization is concerned, it will be light for all species and will allow plants to stock for the winter. Fertilizers with greater concentration of potassium and phosphorus and less nitrogen are preferable, to favor the lignification of plants.


The use of a fungicide will avoid the putrefaction of the roots for the possible first abundant rains.


In the third decade of October we will be able to dedicate ourselves to the first repottings; this period is also suitable for transplantation. However we will have to give the roots time to heal, before the cold comes. In this period, transplantation of fruit trees and deciduous trees is recommended. For conifers we will have to wait a little longer, until the end of the month or the beginning of the next. With the autumn transplant you can prepare the cuttings of Hawthorn, Elm, Mulberry, Quince flower, Pomegranate starting also from pieces of root with an interesting shape.