September’s care

After the period of stasis due to the strong summer heat, with September the “second spring” begins. Trees begin to vegetate, preparing for the winter and they must receive sufficient light to be able to achieve photosynthesis in a perfect way, storing reserves for spring awakening. However, drastic prunings can be performed.


Proceed as usual, see the general indications already given for the spring period, valid also for the autumn or “second spring”.


If it is necessary to prune dramatically, it is better to do it now than in the spring. It is a great time to train Juniper with wire. You should prune the Wisteria: leave on each branch only 2-3 buds from which the flowers will form in spring. Correct the form and fertilize with phosphorus and potassium.


It is good to start again with a fertilizer with a higher content of phosphorus and potassium and less nitrogen, in preparation for the winter season.


The pesticide program provides for the prevention and the fight against possible diseases due to hot temperatures, with the aggravating circumstance that it will now be possible to have a deposit of eggs in the cracks of the trunk, which will then be aroused in the spring. It is good to use a generic insecticide every fifteen days and fungicides on the Pines.
Beware of ants: in themselves they are not harmful, but they are on bonsai or because there are aphids or because they bring them to them to “raise them”. They are also dangerous if they nest in the vessels because they can make the roots suffer.


It is early to transplant each species, but if the transplant does not require root pruning, we can do it. You can transplant Hornbeams, Beeches and plants of the same kind.